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Here is a little background on my photographic niche.  I am not a conventional photographer in the sense that I do not have (or have need for) a brick and mortar studio.  I am not, with a few exceptions, a photographer for hire.  I do not shoot the typical stuff like weddings, social events, studio portraits, and the like.

My primary focus as a photographer is making images for sale under the name StonePhotos via the stock photography market.  These are images marketed through agencies like IstockPhoto and Shutterstock , and are purchased primarily by commercial entities for use in business related publications. 

Some of my stock images have sold on several continents, and one of my most popular stock photos is a single large chunk of coal, isolated on a white background.  This picture has sold over 200 times.

It has occured to me that a number of my photographs might be of interest to not only the business world but also to individuals looking for quality images for display in there homes.  To that end I have created this web site and partnered with Imagekind so that my buyers can have a one stop shopping experience, including the printing , matting, and framing of my work if they choose.

Imagekind is the exclusive retail source for the images displayed in these galleries outside of stock photography agencies.

All images are copyrighted and not part of the public domain.  All visible names and logos may be copyrighted by their respective owners and protected by law. No endorsement from any company whose name or logo appears in any of these photos is given or implied. Names and logos are included in some photos for identification purposes only. All names and logos that appear in these images are to be considered as nothing more than incidental parts of each photograph..

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Rich Kaminsky